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My newest book, IDEAS FOR CHILDREN'S WRITERS, available now from How To Books.

ISBN 1-84528-066-0


WRITING A CHILDREN'S BOOK - Published by How to Books. First published in 2000. A new, updated 3rd edition is now available from bookshops and

ISBN 1-85073-925-4


THE RELUCTANT GOVERNESS - Regency romance: Go to to read the first 3 chapters. Print edition from Earthling Press is now available from and

ISBN 1-588749-530-9


THE SPARROW BOOK OF RECORD-BREAKERS - Published by Arrow Books in 1981. This sold 20,000 copies in the first fortnight and went to a reprint. It is now out of print, but some copies are still in libraries.


THE SPARROW BOOK OF ANIMAL RECORDS - Published by Arrow Books in 1982. This is also out of print.




A Centenary Album.

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