Pamela Cleaver


Salarand the Dragon

Salarand, as envisioned by me and drawn by my son, Rupert.

It all began when I was walking on the seashore with my children. We noticed some oval white stones spotted with black marks that looked as if a painter had passed by carelessly dripping paint from his brush.
--'What are those?' asked my eldest.
--'Dragon eggs!' I replied.

We laughed about it, but the idea wouldn't leave me. Later I sat down and wrote a short story about a boy finding the dragon eggs on a beach.

I worked on it until it pleased me. That night as I was falling asleep I realised that the story would have to go -- it wasn't a complete story but the end of a book! That is how I came to write THE NIGHT OF THE DRAGON, the first book in the Five Lands Saga.

THE FIVE LANDS - How they came about

I was at a writing workshop on creation myths when I first thought up the Five Lands. I thought about the biblical Flood, about possible world destruction theories and came up with the idea of a world almost destroyed by overuse of science and machines. I thought about Noah and his Ark and put it in SF terms.

Suppose a spaceship went to colonise a far off star but found it was not suitable and turned for home. When it came back to earth all had been changed by the destruction and there were dragons there. The dragons were telepathic and long lived and became the gods of the people.

THE NIGHT OF THE DRAGON tells the story of two children who go on a difficult quest to find something of which a riddling prophecy foretold to save the life of the Great Dragon, Salarand.

LET ME TALK TO DRAGONS! tells of a girl who wants to be in dragon service but cannot because she is a girl. Salarand says she may join if she does some outstanding service to dragonkind. What she does to earn her place amazes even Salarand.

THE DRAGON'S DILEMMA tells how several children solve the dragon's latest problem, but in order to do so, they have to swallow many of their prejudices.

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