Pamela Cleaver

by Pamela Cleaver

Discover how to create exciting plots and memorable characters. Decide whether to write picture books, series books, stand-alone books, non-fiction books, or books for teenagers. Find out how to revise and edit your books and how to approach publishers.

Here are some reviews for Writing A Children's BooK:

"Rarely have I seen such well laid out advice and information. All you need is to take an idea, work your way through the chapters and you'll find you've written a full length book."

~Writers' Bulletin

"It is good to see an updated second edition of Pamela Cleaver's classic How To book. .... Arguably the best book on its subject, this one will probably see many more editions in the future."

~Writers' News

"The range and depth Pamela Cleaver brings to this book explains why it has become a class in its field."

~Writing Magazine

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