Pamela Cleaver

by Pamela Cleaver

Regency romance (now available as an e-book from Awe Struck Books; available in print from Earthling Press and in July 2005, (ISBN 1-588749-530-9))

It is 1812 and smuggling is rife in Suffolk. Belinda finds being a governess difficult. Her charges are a handful, their brothers are a trial. Gorgeous Clive thinks she's irresponsible. Debonair Mark wants her as his mistress. Frank Yardley, the customs officer, wants her to spy for him. The harum-scarum boys, Will and Simon, get her into scrapes. She must discover which of the Sheldons is the Master-smuggler before she can find happiness. But this is a difficult task for a girl who jumps to wrong conclusions!

Here are some reviews of The Reluctant Governess:

"Pamela Cleaver has written a clever story about family and unconditional love. The mischievous girls and the harum-scarum boys are just a few of the vivid characters that dance across the page. The Reluctant Governess is a refreshing look at the Regency period through the eyes of a woman who tries to do what's right rather than what's expected. An enjoyable book from beginning to end."

~ Nancy E Gibson - Women on Writing
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"If you are looking for a sweet historical romance with an admirable heroine, look no further than THE RELUCTANT GOVERNESS. It is a highly enjoyable story, with a few comedic areas to give readers a chuckle. Clive is strong and handsome, a man perfectly matched to the equally strong Belinda. This one is sure to please historical romance readers."

~ Miriam, Love Romances
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"The Reluctant Governess is a thrilling and adventurous story that has numerous twists and turns on the way to its conclusion. Belinda is a great character, full of charm and intelligence, yet also full of spirit and life. I love the Sheldon family - one and all. They are such a typical, normal family - one it would be a delight to belong to - with problems of their own, yet full of love for one another. Ms Cleaver has penned a wonderfully charming and fun novel, one that would be easy to read more than once. My congratulations to her on a job very well done!"

~ Teresa at Romance Junkies (4 Blue Ribbons)

"The Reluctant Governess will appeal to anyone who likes Heyer's more adventurous Regencies. Pamela Cleaver's writing is as light and elegant as a muslin gown, and the book is populated with memorable characters, including Belinda's unruly charges and their schoolboy brothers. But it is the older brothers, Mark and Clive, who cause Belinda the most problems. They are both attractive, and it becomes apparent that they are both attracted to Belinda. It is only when she resolves the mystery of the Master -smuggler, however, that she can give in to her feelings and find true happiness.

Altogether, The Reluctant Governess is one of the most engaging Regencies I've read in a long time. Highly recommended."

~Amazon Reader in Cheshire

"The Reluctant Governess is a delightfully fun romp through the Suffolk countryside of Rengecy-era England. Pamela Cleaver's characters come alive with all the faults and foibles of the era's upper class, with a good dash of mystery and intrigue, and just enough danger to keep the heroine, Belinda - as well as the reader - on her toes. And it helps that poor Belinda "always jumps to the wrong conclusion." I couldn't put this book down until I'd read the whole thing! From the bored girls whom Belinda has been hired to tutor, to their dashing older brothers, to the intrigue of smuggling, Ms. Cleaver has told a tale worth staying up late to finish. An excellent story, with a "clean" romantic plot that intertwines seamlessly with the mystery of who is the Master-smuggler."

~Lita Fields in North Yorkshire, UK

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